I would just like to say how much I enjoyed attending the Wedding Palace Bridal Show. I have my bridesmaids to thank for taking me. I didn't know where to start or how to begin planning my wedding and the show had it all! I found the store where I bought my dress, talked to so many talented photographers, wedding planners and so much more. Everyone was so lovely and it was a great opportunity. Winning a prize was a complete bonus and I feel so thankful for being one of the lucky winners. Thank you Wedding Palace Bridal Show for helping me plan my perfect, stress free wedding!
- Tina M - Bride
Love the Wedding Palace show! As it's a more intimate setting, it's easier to visit every booth, and my husband and I won a number of awesome draws at the show and got some great ideas for our wedding. Definitely a great stop during planning!
- Krystle K
Had an amazing time at the Wedding Palace show! My mother, my sister and I made a day of it! We had lots of fun, got great freebies and so many ideas for my wedding! Absolutely worth going to :)
- Emily Lynne S.
I loved the wedding palace bridal show! It was a fun, friendly and exciting atmosphere where we got to meet many different vendors and get lots of original and unique ideas. I liked the layout and I never felt pressured to look at a booth I was not interested in, so I found it more comfortable than some other bridal shows. Definitely a must stop for all who are planning their big day! :)
- Summer D
Thought this was the best wedding show I went to of the 3 I went. It had a lot of venue ideas as well as suggestions of where to go, who etc. I myself aren't a big fan of searching things on the internet, so this was great, gave me all the ideas etc in one place!
- Rhonda P
We made out great at the wedding show, we got reduced prices on our tux rentals for the guys (getting the grooms for free), found our photographer (Fleischer’s---AMAZING!!) Got a makeup trial done (sooo fun), and saw the perfect dress on one of the girls in the show! Plus got tons of ideas from all the great showcases!
- Kelly L
I really enjoyed getting to meet with so many different vendors and see such new (or at least new) ideas for me. I have been going for years-first for my wedding and now it is a staple with any of my girlfriends who are getting married.
- Laura C
I attended the show about 2 years ago before I got married and really enjoyed the variety of vendors the show had to offer. A ton of great ideas for inspiring thoughts and great advice from experts in the wedding profession! I was also happy to see some of my already chosen vendors there and see what they were presenting...made me love them even more!!!
- Jessica R
I was at the show 2 years ago and found all of my vendors there... and benefited from their discounts from booking services with them through the show. (Weddings are expensive enough so discounts are a HUGE incentive!) The show was referred to me by a friend who worked at a prestigious Ottawa wedding dress store, and I've referred - and will continue to refer - the show to engaged friends!! Best wedding show in town, hands down!!
- Chantal F
I LOVED the Wedding Palace show! I went 2 years ago and had a blast! There was so much information available on vendors and I was even able to complete my entire bridal registry there since The Bay had brought lots of products to choose from! My favorite part of the day was entering all the contests from various vendors (and pretty much all the vendors had contests!) I would definitely recommend this show to a friend or relative who is planning a wedding!
- Mattea S
The Wedding Palace bridal show was great. Got lots of ideas and vendors. Wished I could have gone again with other brides.
- Shaunacey P
I went to the Wedding show twice and it truly helped me in the planning of my wedding in addition to winning a few prizes :) It is a must for every future bride as there are many things that you may not think of but would regret if you forgot it.
- Brigitte G
I absolutely loved going to the Wedding Palace Bridal Show! I went with my maid of honor and we had a blast! There were so many vendors and unique wedding ideas. Being there really helped me make some final decisions - so many places to draw inspiration from! If you're planning a wedding, the Wedding Palace Bridal Show is the place to go!
- Melissa N
I loved it! My friend and I went a couple years ago as each other's MOH and got lots of ideas, tips, discounts, samples, etc. so this year I'm doing my MOH duties again bringing another friend as it will be her turn this September!!! We can't wait! Note to other brides: Print our labels with your name, contact info, wedding date and fiancé’s name. It will save you time filling out all those ballots!
- Liz L
The best thing about the Wedding Palace Bridal Show was the atmosphere of excitement and wonder. You are surrounded by dozens of brides along with their families, friends, and even fiancés (not mine- he didn't venture out :) ) who are so thrilled to be engaged, and everywhere are beautiful ideas to inspire you as to what you would like to have at your dream wedding. They have vendors for everything from venues to DJs to place settings to invitations to gift registries to vacation destinations to dresses, and everything in between. Seeing the dresses was a really fun and essential part. It was everything to inspire and excite you about your wedding all in one place. I loved seeing the display of preserved and encased wedding bouquets- I wouldn't have known about that otherwise, and I love having my bouquet preserved and on my wall now! One last highlight for me was something totally unexpected- I bought the best hair-straighter ever at a hugely discounted price- one of my best investments! Enjoy the show, and enjoy your weddings, ladies! Get inspired!
- Lindsay S
Great time! The ladies (bridesmaids) and I had a great girls day out, won't forget it. I'm going again this year (it's my Sister's turn.) I used a lot of the ideas I saw at the show, the displays were helpful. Plus, I scored on some great vendors too (i.e.; Shutterbug photo booth, The Candy Store) for my wedding this past October 2010.
- Jamie F
I Loveeeeeeeeeeee the show! 2 years ago made my all concerns into reality, I found everythinggggg I needed. Didn't use other that what I found in the show! There were so many vendors and unique wedding ideas for everything you need. Thank you Bridal show for making my day the most easy, enjoyable, unique and classy day :) WE HAD A BLASSSSSSSSSSST!
- Talin HW
The bridal show was very helpful.It had so many different venues that were both informative and inspiring. There is so much out there that I had no idea even existed. Not only did I get set up with my registries, found creative ideas to incorporate into my wedding, free stuff...I had so much fun with my bridesmaids by my side. I would highly recommend this bridal show to all my girlfriends.
- Jamie H
It's always great fun going. I have gone a couple of times with friends over the years to help them plan their big event. Definitely a place that has so much to offer and everybody is so willing to help out. They take the time to walk you thru what they can do for you as they know this is a big step in life for everyone. It's such a great day out with the girls!
- Melanie R
The Wedding Palace Bridal show was my first show after I got engaged and it was fantastic. I got a lot of great ideas and had the chance to look at some wonderful vendors. I have suggested this show to all my engaged friends. It was a great experience. Thanks!
- Virginia M
I've been to the show last year with a friend who was engaged. I will be attending this year for myself :) I would definitely recommend it to any engaged couples. It's the better of the 2 shows I've been in Ottawa. The layout is great and packed with lots of vendors. It's a great way to get ideas and plenty of freebies! :) Plus the contests are worth the $15 entry fee.
- Naomie L
My now husband and I went to the show last year. We really enjoyed ourselves and were able to discuss many options with the vendors and get lots of great ideas. I would definitely recommend that anyone planning their wedding attend. Everyone there was very helpful and provided us with lots of information and ideas.
- Kathy C
While I didn't get married in Ottawa, I got a lot of great ideas when I attended the 2006 show. I particularly enjoyed the fashion show, both for the dresses and to get some hairstyle ideas. It's a great resource for anyone planning a wedding.
- Jennifer HH
The show I went to last year was a great help I got most of my upcoming wedding ideas from there and all of my services were from that show. The help everyone gave was awesome. I have since gone to shows and brought other brides and they also have had so much help from this show. Thanks for keeping this going it is a great help!!!!
- Courtney HW
This show was great for the quality of its vendors. There was a chance to chat personally with the vendors and get some one on one time. Additionally, I got a great deal from Holtz Spa, sometimes these deals you pay for are really worth it, and I got my ring cleaned by Jubilee Fine Jewellers. I love wedding shows and this is one of the best organized and most informative I've ever been to.
- Pamela K
Excellent show this year! Lots of info and helpful people at every booth. I went last year and came again this year to make sure I saw all this year’s trends, my fiancé came too and we watched the fashion show together to get some ideas for my hair. This is the best show to go to out of all of em - I will be recommending it to my newly engaged gf!
- Audra B